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Find Your Declination Value

Now that you know how necessary declination adjustments are in determining your bearing in relation to True North, we want to help you learn the declination adjustments you will need for your area.  Click here to access the declination tool.

Step 1: The US Government has this great web page that will calculate your necessary declination adjustments on-line. First, just type in your zip code and click on the Get Location button. Once you do that, the page will refresh, and your longitude and latitude will be filled in automatically. Today's date is also automatically entered into the date field, but you can change it if you like.

Step 2: Next, just click on the Compute Magnetic Field Values button at the bottom of that page. Your results will quickly appear just below that button at the bottom of the page. You will need to scroll down that page so you can see the results below the Compute button.

Results You will see your declination value at the top of this magnetic values list. Remember, Easterly declination values are represented as positive numbers and Westerly declination values are represented as negative numbers. Now you may want to go to our next learning page, so you can learn how to use your declination value. Click here to learn how.